The Natural Green Team

Through the years, the Natural Green team has been traveling all around the world with the vision of educating the people about the product. The team started way back in 2007, with the CEO, Mr. Viktor Sukau and the Research and Development Team. Today, the product and the team has developed and expanded to 4 regional offices worldwide and is continously expanding to more countries in the next few years.

Viktor Sukau

Viktor Sukau

Founder & CEO of Natural Green

Thomas Duff

President & CFO  of
Natural Green Switzerland

Nikolay Zamoskovny

 CEO of Natural Green Russia

Message from the CEO

  Amongst many valuable points raised Mr. Sukau answered: “The global population is growing, and food production is vital to the sustainability of the future. Being part of this segment is a pride and at the same time a great challenge. Agriculture is an innovative sector and there are many opportunities in all areas.”

We as Natural Green we would love for you to join our mission of healthy agriculture, healthy world. We are launching the latest innovation on natural mineral plant growth enhancement products with the cooperation of Department of Agriculture and other cooperative sectors all over the world.

A farmer needs to be many things, a manager, a mechanic, an agronomist, a problem solver and the list goes on. Added to the list, the developments within Precision Agriculture and particularly in changing regulations mean that farmers need to adapt the way they farm today. With the speed of these changes, it can be difficult for farmers to stay informed and indeed choose what solutions are right for them.

That’s our mission to work as a world global team and we as "Natural Green Global" will support the farmers strategically and sustainably and let them feed the country and the world. Sustainable organic & natural farming produce sustainable healthy food. Also, we raise up the younger generation to be an agripreneur for a healthy world.   

Viktor Sukau

   Viktor Sukau
   Founder and CEO
   Natural Green GmbH 

Natural Green Asia Team

Natural Green Asia Sales Coordinating Team

Eastern Europe Sales Team

West and South Europe Sales Team

Advise Board of Natural Green Company

  • Dr. habil. Ewald Sieverding
    German mycologist

  • Dr. Milan Poljak
    University of Zagreb 
    Department of Plant Nutrition

  • Dipl.-Ing. Agr. Dr. Nina Bölling
    plant pathology

  • Marcus Neemann 
    Dipl.-Ing. agr.

  • Pius Floris
    soil bacteria and soil biology

Natural Green Sales Coordinating Office
10F Taipan Place, Doña Julia Vargas, Ortigas Center, Pasig CIty, Philippines
+632 8254 36 43 / [email protected]
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