Case Studies

Since 2007, the Natural Green team has been gathering excellent results from its successful experiments in the different provinces all around the world. In general, Natural Green has fastened plant and crop life cycle, multiplied plant and crop production.

Better developed roots, better color of the rice leaf

North to South China, 26th of July 2019

After the first application in the different provinces of China, all the crops have the same reaction: better developed roots, better color of the rice leaf.

Greener and fuller in color

China, August 2019

Rice leaves sprayed with Natural Green resulted to a greener and fuller color.

Very strong color

China, July 2019

There are 35-42 ears of rice harvested with Natural Green. These produced an excellent result - the leaves had a very strong color.

Harvested 10 days earlier

IRRI, Thanyaburi, Thailand, 20th of January 2010

Rice with Natural Green grew faster. Surprisingly, it was ready for harvest 10 days earlier compared to the ones applied with the traditional fertilizer which grew slower.

Overall better quality

Thanyaburi, Thailand, 20th of January 2010

The overall result of Natural Green applied to rice in Thailand was excellent. Rice produced more leaves, grew longer in length, thicker in diameter and the roots, kernels and sprouts all multiplied in number in a shorter period of time compared to the control group.

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