Since 2007, the Natural Green Research and Development Team have undergone hundreds of experiments to know the benefits of the said product. 

The Benefits of Natural Green

  • Water preservation
  • Calcium reinforcement
  • lncrease of antioxidant potential
  • Improvement of yield and quality
  • Increases yield and better crop quality 
  • lncrease of fruit firmness and storage capacity
  • Improves stress resistance against cold and drought
  • Improves storage and transport capabilities (e.g. lettuce)
  • Improvement of natural resistance against plant diseases
  • Improves photosynthesis performance and metabolic cell activity
  • More efficient use of water as result of improved stomata function
  • Shortens growth periods of seedlings that leads to an earlier harvest
  • Improves plant health and greater natural resistance to diseases and pests
  • Promotes faster and stronger growth of roots and plants, plus improves vitality
  • Higher levels of valuable substances and flavorings (e.g. vitamins, sugars, flavonoids, starch)
  • Natural Green process nutrients are immediately available to the plants which is very essential for health growth.
  • Natural Green particles enter the plants quickly through the stomata and are gradually split into Carbon dioxide (CO2) for boosting photosynthesis, Calcium oxide (CaO) and Silicon dioxide (SiO2) which are very important nutrients in the vegetative phase for the growth of cells and for the protection against stress and Magnesium oxide (MgO) essential for the formation of chlorophyll and trace elements

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